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This is the character application journal for hp_darkness. Each player is allowed a maximum of 2 characters, so please pick wisely. Also, before filling out a character application please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth at HP: Darkness. Ignorance is not an accepted excuse.

All applications will be screened until approved. Once they have been approved you are not allowed to make alterations to your character with exception of adding a character photo.

The below are the five neighbourhoods available to inhabit. Please note, that you must choose one of the five as well as live on the street italicized. We like The Sims, and this is our nod to them. It should also be noted that while "Derbyshire, Soho and all the neighbourhoods given exist in name in reality, we've gutted the cities and made them our own here at DarknesS


1. Derbyshire
Wealthy Purebloods only. The powerful and wealthy witch would do well living on Merlin Court A good 3 hours by car from London - not that any of the people here drive cars. Street is unplottable and makes a wide circle around a large wizard-made lake.

2. Soho
Like Muggles? Enjoy apartment life! Rodents, cockroaches - free with rental! Join the artists, the bohemians, the Muggles, Border Street is just the place for you. There's an adult store called "The Box" on the corner, and the underground is only blocks away!

3. South Kensington
Wealthy, uperclass "Muggle" neighbourhood. Decadent houses are on large plots. A golf-course and exclusive country club is right around the corner from Oakhurst Lane.

4. Victoria
Middle Class. This neighbourhood is on Blackbird Avenue, an unplottable street in a Muggle area. You don't have to be a pureblood to live here, and you don't need to own half the country to afford it! A small aging park with swings, slide and merry-go-round is nestled in the center of the urban street for families with children to use. Or, like, adults to hang out at.

5. The Country
Clean air, wide open spaces. No sprawling mansions here, this is land for the simple folk. Cottages and farms and hard work just outside London. Old Wood Road is a long, curvy road that meanders over and around knolls and plains. Plenty of trees, plenty of land.

CHARACTER APPLICATION (You must join the community to post your application - all apps are screened until approved):

Approved Characters

Myst Kincade - 17 Border St #4
Mavis Oakeson - 17 Border St #7
Liam Alexander O'Reilly - 17 Border St #7
Finn Stewart Llyr - 69 Border Street, Apt 13

Freya Kincade - 19 Merlin Court
Messalina Hostilius - 1313 Merlin Court
Michael Allan Bently - 55 Merlin Court

Matthew Wolftone Patrick - 1554 Blackbird Avenue

South Kensington
Lysander Russell - 110 Oakhurst Lane
Cecilia Ann Myers - 32 Oakhurst Lane

The Country