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Your Name/Handle

Papa Zito

How long have you been roleplaying? Give us details about the type of RP you did/do

On and off for 15 years. Most of my experience is in table-top gaming. I've played D&D,
Vampire: The Masquerade, and Cyberpunk among others. Online, I have about 5 years experience
in a couple of V:tM games, first on the official White Wolf chats and then on a private server.

Character's Full Name?

Robert Frank Cooper

What Neighborhood does your character live in?(Give Street Number and Apt Number if applicable)

216 Blackbird Avenue, Victoria

Do you have a House Elf? If so, how many?

One very well-treated elf named Quincy.

What's your character's lineage? (Pureblood, Half-Blood, Muggle Born. No Half-breeds, please)?


How old is your character?


What's your character's nationality?


What sex is your character?


If your character graduated from Hogwarts, what House were they in?


What kind of wand does your character have?

11" Oak with a unicorn hair

Physical Description and Body Model? (First come, first serve)

Height: Robert only stands 5'8", but is usually somewhat hunched over from being over cauldrons all day.
Hair: His hair is prematurely grey and tends to be somewhat shaggy and unkempt.
Face: His face is lined, though not deeply so. His features are fairly soft with no hard, angular lines. His eyes are a somewhate watery, pale blue.
Body: He sports a small pot-belly. Potion-making doesn't lend itself to much exercise, with the exception of the odd excursion for the more exotic components.
Clothing: His clothing tends to match his hair, and is older and more worn despite his modestly good income. He obviously doesn't pay much attention to his appearance.

Body model? uh...

Describe your character's personality?

Robert's personality is best described as "misty". He tends to daydream quite a bit, getting lost in involved conversations easily. Somehow, this doesn't affect his potions work, as his results are almost always exemplary. Insults tend to completely bounce off of him; anger is extremely rare. He also has an almost overdeveloped sense of self-preservation.

Detailed Character History?

Robert's Pureblood family is not an old and storied one, but only a few generations old. At Hogwarts, his daydreamy, vague personality invited scorn and criticism from instructors and students alike, which caused him to further pull within his own internal world. Painfully shy, he never joined with others in extra-curricular activities or clubs, preferring to spend time in the library studying odd subjects or perfecting his defensive magic. In fact, Defense Against the Dark Arts was second only to his love for Potions, which he saw as a subject with unlimited possibilities. By the time he graduated, he had earned N.E.W.Ts in both subjects, and was recruited by the Ministry of Magic to be an Auror. Such work was completely incompatible with his personality, however, so he instead sought out a quiet life as an experimental potions maker for a local London wizarding company, where he has been employed for many years.

Immediate Family?

His mother, Janet Cooper and father, Theodore Cooper live in Derbyshire. His brother John Cooper works in the Ministry, though Robert has no idea what he does there.

(If accepted into the Death Eaters) - The Death Eaters came to recruit Robert late one night, desiring his potion-making abilities. Immediately recognizing what a refusal would bring to him and his family, he immediately accepted and has worked diligently for them ever since.

What's your character's Boggart?

An angry mob.



Any Pets?

Squabbler, a parakeet.

What are your character's Magical Strengths, if any? (These are specialities, such as potent potionsor phenominal defensive magic)

As noted in his history, his strengths are in Potions and the defensive arts. He is capable of inventing entirely new potions (given time and resources) and he is able to conjure powerful defensive spells without speaking.

What are your character's Magical Weaknesses? (These must balance out magical strengths. e.g. Impressive defensive versus weak offensive magic)

Having no desire to fight anyone or be the center of attention that such an action would bring, Robert's offensive magic is rather weak; he's only mastered some of the lesser curses and jinxes. The Unforgivable curses are completely beyond him. He's also quite inept at Transfiguration, mainly because he couldn't see the point in it in school.

Additional Notes, including a 'picture' of your character/body model. (Body models are first come first serve. No duplicates allowed. Additionally, you can ONLY reserve for your character not for NPCd ones)

Hoping for a spot with the Death Eaters. ;)
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