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Character Application

Your Name/Handle Sara or CDizzle

How long have you been roleplaying? Give us details about the type of RP you did/do Um, about three years. I’ve only been role-playing on livejournal. All of my experience comes from HP games. I must admit the ultimate sin for a renaissance festival worker… I’ve never even TOUCHED D&D dice. Yes, I’m ashamed too. Maybe someday. Maybe not. Um, since I do work at a ren faire, I have to do character creation for that, too. It’s like LARPing, but professional from what I can figure. I’ve done ren fest professionally for 5 years.

Character's Full Name? Matthew Wolftone Patrick. Called Matt or Paddy for short.

What Neighborhood does your character live in?(Give Street Number and Apt Number if applicable) 1554 Blackbird Avenue, Victoria

Do you have a House Elf? If so, how many? No house-elves.

What's your character's lineage? (Pureblood, Half-Blood, Muggle Born. No Half-breeds, please)? Half-blood. His mother was a witch and his Dad is a Muggle.

How old is your character? 43

What's your character's nationality? Irish descent born and raised in England.

What sex is your character? Male

If your character graduated from Hogwarts, what House were they in? Hufflepuff

What kind of wand does your character have? 11 inches, Cherry Wood, Phoenix Feather Core

Physical Description and Body Model? (First come, first serve)
Body Model: Christopher Meloni

He has piercing blue eyes, a large nose, with dark non-descript brown hair and a receding hair-line. A few light grey hairs are starting to mix in with his brown ones. He has a charming smile, but as often as not you’re likely to meet with a glare. He can be considered good-looking, but his age is starting to soften him. He has crow’s feet around his eyes and his cheeks turn red and ruddy rather easily.

His physical condition isn’t what it once was, and he’s getting more than a little soft around the middle from too much beer and pub food. He’s a little hairier than the average man, which is noticeable by his arm and chest hair. If he gets exposed to sunlight, he will burn first and then get freckles later. While he is nice looking for his age, he looks very age appropriate.

Matthew chooses his clothing more by comfort than anything else. He prefers Muggle clothes, but will wear tailored robes when the occasion calls for them. Dark colors suit him best, and you won’t find him wearing anything bright or light.

Describe your character's personality?

First impressions of Matt are often that he’s bloody SERIOUS. He doesn’t smile very often, and rarely laughs. He stands with his feet more than shoulder width apart and his arms crossed over his chest, and tends to look very guarded. It’s possible to think he’s being aloof, but it’s just that he’s a little socially awkward. He can open up to good friends, and when he does speak it’s with a quiet confidence.

Upon gaining Matthew’s trust you’ll find a man who is extraordinarily good and empathic. He feels the pain of others almost as deeply as he feels his own. He is loyal, almost to a fault, and believes in justice and fairness. However, Matthew sometimes gets misguided in his attempts to be fair and just, and will use methods that are questionable at best and unforgivable at worst in order to try to enforce justice. Matthew understands that rules, laws and guidelines are there for a reason. His natural instinct is to follow them, but he often has a nagging thought at the back of his mind that if the rules and laws were thrown out the window they’d be able to do a lot more good in the world. Sometimes that thought will spark his vicious temper, and people can suffer for it.

In other words, Matthew has the ability to slip up, and for his temper to get the best of him. His motives are unquestionably good, but his methods are sometimes frightening. Matthew Patrick is a little like Barty Crouch, but instead of wanting to wield power to achieve his ends, Matthew is willing to do the dirty work himself. Upon breaking his own code, Matthew almost always feels regret and pity. If he ever did use an Unforgivable Curse (which he has NOT yet done) he’d probably insist that he get sent to Azkaban, too, because that would be only fair.

Obviously he is a darkly conflicted person. He wants to do good, but sometimes finds himself doing bad things in order to do good deeds. He bends the rules that he tries to uphold. It’s sort of his curse.

If not corralled Mat might go off on his own and try to change things. He might end up a bit of a vigilante. He’d have to be driven to such actions, and at this point nothing suggests that he would be. He isn’t a leader, and wouldn’t allow anyone to follow him if he did decide to take thing into his own hands. He is an average guy who could be driven to do extraordinary things by extraordinary circumstances. One thing is for sure though, he likes to work alone.

Matt is motivated by ideals, as well as personal experiences. While he’s never personally lost someone close to him to Death Eaters, he feels like what they stand for is almost worse than an offense against an actual person. Again, he feels the pain of others very deeply, and can put himself into the shoes of the Death Eaters’ victims.

Because he is so empathic he actually has a hard time getting himself into a relationship. He’d be consumed body and soul by the love of his life. He’d be too frightened, and too protective of them to be able to function normally anymore. For this reason Matthew tends to forsake personal relationships. This is an intellectual decision, rather than an emotional one, and that alone takes it’s toll on him. He is profoundly lonely, but unwilling to try to cure his own loneliness.

Detailed Character History?
Matthew attended Hogwarts so long ago that what he learned and did there barely matters to him anymore. He was a Hufflepuff sorted student, and he had more than a little house-pride. Matthew stayed all seven years at Hogwarts, making sure to get several NEWTs level classes, including Defense Against the Dark Arts, Muggle Studies, Transfiguration and Potions.

After Hogwarts Matthew decided to explore Muggle existence for a while. Though he is a half-blood he was raised in the wizarding world until he was 17. At the age of 18 he immersed himself in the Muggle world, getting a job at shipping company and generally learning to keep company with Muggles. He went far enough in Muggle Studies to get into a Muggle university where he studied Criminal Psychology. He earned a degree by age 23.

Between the ages of 23 & 25 he worked as a barkeep with a passion for football (that’d be soccer to us Americans). He played occasionally, but preferred to watch. After realizing that he might waste his whole life in pubs, he started trying to find a job. Eventually he was hired in at a jail where he studied, and sometimes gave therapy to problem inmates. At about this time he decided he better start using magic again, so as not to completely waste his talent, so he kept his job but moved to Victoria.

He took some night classes and private studies to get back up to scratch magically. There weren’t really any comparable jobs in the Wizarding world, so he started training to work in the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. By age 29 he was ready to be employed by the Ministry.

His duties in the beginning were very menial, mostly filing reports and the like. After awhile though, he showed real promise and ended up looking into laws and sometimes even getting into investigations. This is the level that he’s at right now. Through pure tenacity he usually manages to successfully complete investigations. He treats the smallest infractions with the same serious dedication that he treats the larger cases. He is a tireless worker something which rarely goes unnoticed. So far he’s spent 13 years in the Department.

Immediate Family?
Matt’s father died of old age, and his mother lives alone, moving back to the Muggle neighborhood she grew up in. While frightened of personal relationships, and generally avoiding them, Matt couldn’t help having a brother and a sister. Both his brother and sister have magical talent and are married with several kids each. Matt adores his nieces and nephews, and his brother is also his best friend. His nieces and nephews range from age 8 to 20. Some of them are at Hogwarts.

What's your character's Boggart?
Matt is, like most witches and wizards, terrified of Death Eaters. His Boggart is the dark mark, perhaps hanging over his brother’s house. Probably just the Dark Mark, though.

Badger. Learning to conjure a Patronus in his 7th year NEWT level DADA class, Matt had the symbol of his house, Hufflepuff, as the thing that gave him the most security. Obviously he associates things that have to with Hufflepuff and Hogwarts as safe. Also, badgers are very tenacious, and Matt is too.

Any Pets?
The most useful of pets, Matt has an owl named Ergo. It’s a big brown barn owl, slightly ornery and very dependable. He might at some point want a dog or even horses. He abhors cats.

What are your character's Magical Strengths, if any? (These are specialities, such as potent potions or phenomenal defensive magic)
He’s pretty darn good at dueling, especially being on the attack. That would probably be his specialty.

Otherwise he’s fairly unspectacular especially because he didn’t really study magic at a level higher than Hogwarts, and spent so much time in the Muggle world.

What are your character's Magical Weaknesses? (These must balance out magical strengths. e.g. Impressive defensive versus weak offensive magic)
Non-verbal incantations. Can’t do ‘em. Just can’t. Not really sure why.

Also, he cannot Apparate. He splinched himself one and decided never to try again, so it’s broomsticks and the Floo Network for him.

He’s just average. Nothing really horrible, nothing really phenomenal.

Additional Notes, including a 'picture' of your character/body model. (Body models are first come first serve. No duplicates allowed. Additionally, you can ONLY reserve for your character not for NPCd ones)

Image hosting by Photobucket

The way I see it the character has potential to go one of three ways. One, he could be recruited for the Order of the Phoenix, because he IS a good guy. Two, he could eventually be driven to take vigilante action (with mod approval and such), and he could very easily end up getting himself killed in the process. Three, he could simply be an average, everyday guy, trying to do good but being held down by everyday limitations. It really doesn’t matter to me where it goes. Whatever would be best for the game. Though I think I like options 1 & 3 best.
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