Miss Nikkie (bartendersgirl) wrote in hpd_chars,
Miss Nikkie

Your Name/Handle Nikkie

How long have you been roleplaying? Give us details about the type of RP you did/do Since 1999. I was in several wrestling e-feds. I have been in pb comms in gj. And I rp'd wrestlers and celebrities on lj and gj.

Character's Full Name? Michael Allan Bently

What Neighborhood does your character live in?(Give Street Number and Apt Number if applicable) 55 Merlin Court. Derbyshire.

Do you have a House Elf? If so, how many? yes. One.

What's your character's lineage? (Pureblood, Half-Blood, Muggle Born. No Half-breeds, please)? Pureblood

How old is your character? 25

What's your character's nationality? England

What sex is your character? Male

If your character graduated from Hogwarts, what House were they in? Slytherin

What kind of wand does your character have? 12 inch Mahogany and pheonix feather

Physical Description and Body Model? (First come, first serve) Shoulder length light brown hair, Medium Build.

Describe your character's personality? Cunning, evil. He will betray anyone, even those who he loves to get his way and to be with the Death Eaters loyally.

Detailed Character History? Michael was tutored at a young age in the magical studies at him home by his nanny that his parents had at the house. The Nanny, Mrs. Filpots, taught him from the time he was five years old till the time he was old enough to attend Hogwarts.

He was sorted into Slytherin right away. He was the type of student that got good grades by having other people do his homework for him. He cheated on tests, and broke almost every rule, and never got caught. And if he did, he alwasys had some excuse that let him off the hook.

While he was in Hogwarts, he met a girl there his age and in his house. Cecilia Myers. The terrible twosome became fast freinds, and around their fifth or sixth year, began dating.

After graduation, Cecilia and Michael moved intogether. Things were fine, till they turned 20. Michael had joined the Death Eaters. At first, Cecilia didn't know. Micheal had been going out, staying out late doing the Death Eaters work. One night, Cecila, who was by then one month pregnant with his child, got tired of being left alone at night. She followed Michael and saw what he was doing. But she didn't know that he saw her.

That night, after he got back home, he confronted her about where had been and what she had seen. She had come home before him, and tried to play off like she didn't know anything. He then called her a "Stupid Muggle bitch carrying", then he cast Crucio on her, killing their unborn child in the process.

Michael never went to Azkaban for his crimes, and he has recently been considered as one of the highests ranking members of the Death Eaters. His only regret is that he didn't finish off Cecilia, in case she ever gets up the never to say what happened five years ago.

Immediate Family? Robert Bently is his father, and Margret Bently is his mother.

What's your character's Boggart? Dementors

Patronus? None

Any Pets? An owl.

What are your character's Magical Strengths, if any? (These are specialities, such as potent potionsor phenominal defensive magic) None

What are your character's Magical Weaknesses? (These must balance out magical strengths. e.g. Impressive defensive versus weak offensive magic)N one

Additional Notes, including a 'picture' of your character/body model. (Body models are first come first serve. No duplicates allowed. Additionally, you can ONLY reserve for your character not for NPCd ones) http://www.tnapics.com/albums/superstars/shane/normal_19.jpg. I also have a journal for him.
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