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Character Application

Your Name/HandleHackergroupie (HG)

How long have you been roleplaying? Give us details about the type of RP you did/do Since 1996 or 1997. I forget. I've roleplayed Star Trek, Vampire: The Masquarade, Star Wars and a fabu rp called American Gothic.

Character's Full Name?

Mavis Oakeson

What Neighborhood does your character live in?(Give Street Number and Apt Number if applicable)

17 Border St APT 7, SoHo

Do you have a House Elf? If so, how many? None

What's your character's lineage? (Pureblood, Half-Blood, Muggle Born. No Half-breeds, please)?


How old is your character?


What's your character's nationality?

English (Mother is Asian, but has lived in UK most of her life)

What sex is your character?


If your character graduated from Hogwarts, what House were they in?


What kind of wand does your character have?

8" Alder with Unicorn Hair core

Physical Description and Body Model? (First come, first serve)

5'3", Athletic build, hair colour changes on whim (using muggle means), brown eyes. Body model: Devon Aoki

Describe your character's personality?

Eccentric, quirky, spit-fire temper, happy - life of party.

Detailed Character History?

Born to Catholic Muggles, Mary and Jon, in a middle class area. Both parents worked hard for their money and did not believe in magic or play. When Mavis received her Hogwarts letter her parents were upset. Devil's work, they believed. After much crying and temper tantrums, they allowed her to attend Hogwarts. Hadn't she always been strange? her parents thought.

In school Mavis thrived. Where life before had been black and white, Hogwarts was brilliant colour. She made friends easily - at least among those who didn't care she was muggleborn. Magic was fun and though she never earned Outstanding marks, she always managed to pass her classes. Magic was then, and now, a parlour trick to her. Something fun to do. Because of her vivaciousness and bravado she never quite fit in with the other Puffs and most of her friends were Gryffindors. Second year in potions she accidentally knocked over a vial of bubotuber pus - spilling it on a Ravenclaw boy named Liam (whom she had a crush on because of his accent mostly). Somehow during the time she took him to the nurses wing, they had become friends.

Over the years at Hogwarts and at home, Mavis fell in love with Muggle style photography. And by 15 she knew that was the field she would pursue. Her parents had cooled toward her because of her "evil" and she became a stranger to them. At 16 she ran away from home during the summer holidays. Her parents chose not to seek her out. Summer months from then on were spent in misery living in a hostal.

After graduating school she and Liam moved in together. She focused on her art work and spent nights working at a neighbourhood Muggle porn shop. At 21 her 1st break came and a Soho gallery showed her work. Slowly she is making a name for herself in Muggle art circles. She still is broke half the time.

Immediate Family?

Hasn't seen her parents for six years and is glad for it.

What's your character's Boggart?

Responsibility (maybe death)


A goat

Any Pets?

Had a goldfish, it died.

What are your character's Magical Strengths, if any? (These are specialities, such as potent potionsor phenominal defensive magic)


What are your character's Magical Weaknesses? (These must balance out magical strengths. e.g. Impressive defensive versus weak offensive magic)


Additional Notes, including a 'picture' of your character/body model

Body Model: Devon Aoki
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