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Character Application

Your Name/HandleHackergroupie (HG)

How long have you been roleplaying? Give us details about the type of RP you did/do Since 1996 or 1997. I forget. I've roleplayed Star Trek, Vampire: The Masquarade, Star Wars and a fabu rp called American Gothic.

Character's Full Name?

Messalina Hostilius

What Neighborhood does your character live in?(Give Street Number and Apt Number if applicable)

1313 Merlin Court, Derbyshire

Do you have a House Elf? If so, how many? Yes, Messalina owns 12 of them, each named for a month of the year.

What's your character's lineage? (Pureblood, Half-Blood, Muggle Born. No Half-breeds, please)?


How old is your character?


What's your character's nationality?


What sex is your character?


If your character graduated from Hogwarts, what House were they in?


What kind of wand does your character have?

13" Holy with a dragon heartstring core

Physical Description and Body Model? (First come, first serve)

Blonde, blue eyes, thin. Messalina is 5'10", she's attractive - beautiful even - but cold. Body Model: Jeri Ryan

Describe your character's personality?

Cold. Business-like. Unaffectionate, distant, sadistic.

She gets off on others' pain and enjoys power. She feels she is vastly superior to all others.

Detailed Character History?

Born to wealth and privledge, Messalina knew from a start that money was power. Her parents were one of the most prominent wizarding families in the UK. They believed in blood superiority. Messalina attended Hogwarts and was placed into Slytherin. Home on holidays, Messalina saw little of her father as he traveled frequently on business. Her mother was a Lady Who Lunched, aristocratic in nature and spent more time off at charity luncheons than with her daughter. Messalina did, however, occassionaly accompany her mother on outings.

The family had no non-pureblood friends and on principle felt half bloods and muggleborns inferior. When Messalina was 14 she realised her father was a Death Eater. She knew the DEs were led by Ares, a wizard who's name was becoming known to all but who's true identity was kept secret. Though her parents did not reveal their DE activity, their beliefs had always been known to Messalina. So at 14 she "grew up." She agreed with the DE mentality and studied harder at school in order to prove herself so that when the time came, she, too, could join the cause. While at Hogwarts she kept herself busy and interacted with her "own kind." She wasn't thought of favourably by mixed bloods or the muggleborn and she treated them like inferiors.

At 17 she graduated from Hogwarts and immediately asked her father about joining the DEs. With his help she quickly rose to the top of the DE hiarchy. At 20 her mother was killed in duty. Messalina didn't mourn but fueled her vengeance against blood traitors and mudbloods alike.

At 23 she surprised everyone with a daughter she named Julia. Her house elf January became nursemaid and nanny to the baby as Messalina was too busy as a DE to spend much time with her.

A short two years later the DEs killed off most of the OotP, a group who strongly opposed Ares' followers' ways. During the private DE celebration after all the higher-up DEs including her father were poisoned and a new, far scarier leader took over.

After her father's death, Messalina went on a short binge killing many wizards and Muggles before retiring from DE frontlines. She now spends many days and nights working in her office. Off hours are spent attending those charity luncheons her mother had been fond of. Messalina is terrified of being poisoned and lets others sample all her food before she will taste it. She continues to give large sums of money to St. Mungos.

Immediate Family?

Daughter Julia, aged 4. Parents deceased.

What's your character's Boggart?




Any Pets?

No pets

What are your character's Magical Strengths, if any? (These are specialities, such as potent potionsor phenominal defensive magic)

Messalina's offensive magic is off the charts. Hexes, curses, jinxes and all sorts of dark magic come easy to her. She is quite adept at all three unforgiveables.

What are your character's Magical Weaknesses? (These must balance out magical strengths. e.g. Impressive defensive versus weak offensive magic)

Her defensive/protective magic skills are poor. She received a "P" on Defensive magic for O.W.L.S. Her other magic abilities (such as transfiguration and charms) are simply average at best.

Additional Notes, including a 'picture' of your character/body model
Body Model: Jeri Ryan
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